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Token Energy is an independent and accredited provider of Energy Performance Certificates and Green Deal Reports for social and private landlords, private homeowners looking to rent or sell their property.

Our staff are vastly knowledgeable, with immense wealth in EPC and Green Deal,  and are able to provide a high quality in house service. The majority of our team live locally and can therefore offer a truly unique level of service. Please see our customer charter for our founding principles


Our Customer Charter

  • We put the customer first- We the assessor will keep in contact with you, giving up to date details of arrival to avoid unecessary waste of your time
  • We operate a fair and transparent service- We will explain the features and pricing in a clear and concise manner
  •  We continuously invest in our assessors- We will always keep up to date with all material changes in our work  and pass them on to you so you are never out of the picture
  • We will always listen to your feedback as we value your opinions


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The assessment “what we do”

This is a general guideline on what to expect when we are invited to perform the assessment.

  1. We measure the size of your property  length, width and height. Allowing us to work out the volume of the property and  energy consumption. Bedrooms will be counted including any converted to studies , playrooms etc..( a 4 bedroom house with one of the  bedrooms converted to a study or playroom is still counted as a bedroom for purpose of the energy assessment )  with notes on double glazing and low energy lighting which will be recorded as a percentage of the total of windows and light fittings.
  2. We address the age and construction of the property as well as any signs of retro cavity filling.
  3. We take a look at the loft to assess the roof insulation .
  4. We access the boiler noting the manufacturer, model number, controls e.g. programmer, room stats and radiators.
  5. We access your electric meter  to see if it is single or dual and again inspect the radiators , lighting , glazing and any heating controls

(Any extensions or conservatories will be recorded separately.) Photographs will be taken of the boiler , meters and structure etc… the process and will usually only take between 45 minutes to an hour. All collating and preparation of your report, will be done in the office. We will then post or email the documents, whatever is your preference.


Landlord EPC

From October 2008 landlords offering property for rent will be required by law to provide prospective tenants with an Energy Performance Certificate for their property. The certificates (‘EPCs’) will have to be provided free either when (or before) any written information about the property is provided to prospective tenants or a viewing is conducted.

They will not have to be provided if the landlord believes the prospective tenant is unlikely to have sufficient funds to rent the property or is not genuinely interested in renting, or the landlord is unlikely to be prepared to rent the property to the prospective tenant.

A new certificate will not be required on each let since, in the case of rental property, EPCs will be valid for 10 years. ( Changes to the property may need a new EPC ,speak to your Assessor for more details. The requirement is being introduced to comply with the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) which applies to all property, including rented property. This became law in 2003 .

Landlords wishing to make energy saving improvements to their properties either before or after obtaining an EPC are offered some help from the Government.


What you should do before a visit

We will need to know the following

1)   Age of the property

2)   Any guarantees for work done extensions, double glazing etc

3)   Boiler documents

4)   Last two electricity and gas bills.


But don’t worry if you can’t find them . Overall the assessment is not intrusive and the only cupboards that we need access too are for the boiler and meters .



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